Renting a car

Renting a car


  • 1.Rental fee 🔉 租赁费

    • How much is the rental fee? 💬
  • 2.Insurance 🔉 保险

    • Is insurance included in the rental fee? 💬
  • 3.International drivers license 🔉 国际驾照

    • Do you have an international drivers license? 💬
  • 4.Mileage 🔉 里程

    • How much mileage is on the car? 💬
  • 5.make and model 🔉 厂牌和款式

    • What's the make and model of the car? 💬
  • 6.Gas Gas tank 🔉 油/油箱

    • petrol 💬 UK的说法
    • Does the car come with a full gas tank? 💬
    • Do I have to fill up the gas when I return the car? 💬
  • 7.Reserve reservation 🔉 预订/预约

    • I better make a reservation.I want to reserve a new car. 💬
  • 8.Book 🔉 预订

    • Hi,I want to book a rental car please. 💬
  • 9.Car rental agency 🔉 汽车租赁公司

    • Does the airport have a car rental agency? Where can I find it? 💬
  • 10.Renter 🔉 出租人

  • 11.One-way rantal 🔉 单程出租

    • Do you have cars available for a one-way rantal? 💬
  • 12.Vehicle 🔉

    • What kind of vehicle do you have? 💬
    • What is the biggest vehicle you have? Do you have one that car seat 5 people? 💬
  • sedan truck/lorry suv 🔉 车 轿车 卡车 越野车

    • What kind of vehicle do you prefer? I prefer a car or an suv 💬
    • In winter, I definitely prefer an suv💬
  • 14.road trip 🔉 公路旅行

    • Let's take a rantal car and go on a road trip. 💬


  • How much is insurance? 💬 保险费是多少?
  • How about the gas tank? Is it full already? Do I need to full it up when I bring the car back? 💬
  • Do you have any car with winter tires? 💬 有防滑的车吗?
  • Do you want insurence for an additional fee? 💬 要顺带买份保险吗?


  • Agent: Hi there, How can I help you? 💬
  • Me: Hi, I'd like to rent a car tody. What do you have available? 💬
  • A: We have many cars available. What kind of vehicle are you looking for? 💬
  • M:I would just like to rent a car, something with good gas milage I suppose. 💬
  • A: Alright well we have a Volkswagen Jetta available for $99 a day. 💬
  • M:Oh, I actually don't like Volkswagen, Do you have any other make and models? 💬
  • A: We also have a Hyundai Accent, it's a little cheaper at $90 a day. 💬
  • M: Oh,that sounds good, I used to drive a Hyundai. 💬
  • A: Wonderful. and do you have Canadian Drivers license or international drivers license? 💬
  • M: I have an international drivers license,here you go 💬
  • A: Thank you, and please fill up and sign this form. 💬
  • M: Okay, Oh, is the car standard or automatic? 💬
  • A: It's an automatic.💬
  • M: Great,here you go. 💬 fills out form
  • A: Thank you, So, you do have unlimited kilometers for this car, and insurance is included with the rental fee. How many days will you be renting the car for? 💬
  • M: I'll need it for the next 3 days. 💬
  • A: okay, and will you be binging the car back here, or do you want to drop off at one of our other rental location? 💬
  • M: I'll be flying home in 3 days, so I will just drop it back off here. 💬
  • A: Excellent. So you total for 3 days is $270 after tax it will be $310, how will you be paying today? 💬
  • M: I'll pay on my credit card. 💬
  • A: okay thank you, here are the keys. 💬
  • M: Thank you so much. 💬

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